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A used car doesn’t have to mean trouble and issues down the road; if you do choose to go with a used rather than new, you can save quite a bit when you are ready to buy your car in Singapore. You do of course have to keep in mind the cost of car insurance Singapore in addition to the car, as well as additional options you are going to tag onto it. SO, when the time comes for you to buy the used car of choice, you do have options; where do you go, who do you buy from, who should you avoid? These are a few of the things you should think about, as you are comparing the top dealers, and want to know you are not only going to find the best deal possible when you are ready to buy, but also to know you are getting a great car which is going to run for years to come as well.

Who do you buy from?

Go certified; make sure you buy from a dealer which is certified. Make sure they are fully going to warrant your car purchase and are going to ensure the best performance. You do not want to go just anywhere simply because you find a very low price; on the other hand, you do not have to over spend when the time comes for you to buy. Shop, compare, see what is out there. Go to dealers which carry the make and model you want to own and buy, and those which carry various year-model options as well. Doing this will provide you with more variety of the cars you can choose from; and you are also going to know the best deal is going to be found,a nd that you are going to find the car which is going to provide you what it is you are looking for when the time comes to buy.

What to look for in dealers/sellers

  • Shop

There is no way around this. If you are not willing to go to a few dealers before you buy you are not going to find a good deal when you buy it used. It is also going to result if you getting lackluster quality and not getting the performance you desire in a car. Go to a few dealers, see what they carry, what is inventory, colours, and other various factors you find important. Only when you do this, and compare the best local dealers, are you going to find the right car for your driving needs.

  • Service record 

Not only is this going to show you a history of who has owned the car prior to you but also the type of work they have done on it as well. How often it was repaired, where it was repaired, if there is major damage, and so forth. When you shop you can find a great deal; but, when you take the time to dig around and see what is out there, you are also going to find a car which is going to have been well taken care of by the previous owner. And, this is also going to go a long way in ensuring it is going to run for years to come, and is not going to give you trouble just because it is not a brand new car when you choose to invest in it.

  • Inspect it 

Make sure you have a mechanic fully inspect prior to buying. Even with a history report you never really know. So, when you have a pro inspect it, they can really go in depth, they can provide you more detail, and they can let you know if there are issues or if there is anything you should be concerned with if you are planning to buy a car used. And, if there are issues, or if you should negotiate a lower price, you are also going to be told this information by the mechanic, so you know you are going to find the best price, and you are also going to be made fully aware of the issues which you will have to deal with, if there are areas of concern with the car you are deciding to buy.

  • Drive it

Yes, you can ask to go for a test drive prior to buying; and if the dealer or seller does not agree, you do not have to buy it from them. If there is nothing to hide and if the car is running like they tell you it is, what should the seller be afraid of and why wouldn’t they let you take it out for a drive? the answer is they will. SO, make sure you go to a few dealers, see a few great cars, and see how they run. Doing this is not only going to ensure the car is operable and will run as it should, it is also going to allow you to get a better feel for it. Some cars might simply not be for you, and you are only going to learn this when you take it out for a ride. So, make sure you do so before you buy, make sure you know how it operates, and make sure you are fully aware of the production and power you are going to get from the used car you are considering buying with the seller of choice.

You have quite a few options when you decide to go used, and just because you are going to buy a used car does not mean you are going to have to compromise on quality or the performance you should expect form it. So, when the time comes to buy, take your time. Make sure you shop, test out a few top vehicles, understand who they were owned by, have them maintained and checked out, and really do your due diligence and compare a few shops, so you know what you are going to get, when you are finally ready to buy a car.

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